Friday, November 26, 2010

Things I'm thankful for

Things that I am thankful for
(Sorry I'm a day late but I was to busy yesterday)

1. My Family- they are amazing, this includes my extended and soon to be added family (Shane's Family). I love them all, they are there for me all the time, no matter what, as much as I may have drama in my family and I complain about them, I will always love them no matter what!

2. My Fiancee Shane- He treats me like a Queen, I love him so extremely much, he's there for me even when I mess up, He is amazing and what I'd do without him I don't even know!

3. My job- I'm thankful for having a job in an economy like this having a job is really difficult.

4. My beliefs- I am thankful for my own beliefs and the freedom to believe in them. 

5. Thanksgiving- To be able to spend time with my family and to be able to share such an amazing dinner with them.

6. And last- I am thankful for everything in my life good and bad.

Until next time,

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