Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Born with this or not Born with this?

These days it seems like nobody can agree on anything. One of the many arguments are that children are born gay, serial killers, and/or rapist. I disagree. When a baby is born they are born only knowing how to cry and to breath, sometimes not even that. They are born somewhat like white, not even technically a color, white is very bland, but when say red, a base color is added it becomes pink an actual color. Now influence and babies are a lot like mixing white and red, it takes the influence of its peers and or environment to turn the white to pink. It is my belief that as a child the environment he or she lives in and the influence of the child's family is one of the many things that shape how a person will turn out. Sure, there are other events in a persons life to look at such as  sexual, physical, and or mental abuse, neglect, seeing a murder or some other crime being committed and more. The other side that is looked at is the nature of a person, which in basic terms mean that the mental state of the person is evaluated. Many serial killers are sociopaths, which is a personality disorder and has no known cure. Schizophrenia or Psychosis are other known disorders that many serial killers have. Many times the killer(s) will go unmedicated and or clueless to their disorder, and because of that it causes them (depending on the sub-type of the Schizophrenia he/she has or if it is Psychosis) to have certain symptoms, which could cause the person to kill. 

There however are different arguments other than Serial killers, such as if people are born gay. This is where many people argue. On one side there are those who say people are born gay, then there are those who say people are not born gay. I take the side that people are not born gay, however in is not necessarily a choice either. Many will argue that they have been gay since they could remember, well that may be true but it is proven that a child does not know even their own gender when they are born. Instead by age two or three they start to understand wether they are a boy or a girl. This is possibly the time in life that a person becomes confused of their gender and become 'gay'. This could come from how a baby is treated from birth to this point. If a boy is treated like a girl or is raised without a masculine role model, and only see the feminine role, they could exhibit more feminine behavior. That is not saying that everyone without a masculine role model is like this, there are many who show masculine behavior as well. Many times it is the environment that a baby grows up in and the habits the baby obtains, that shows how the baby is going to be as a child, same goes for a child to a teenager, and a teenager to an adult. It is a circle that never ends, parents pass on traits and habits to their children, and in some cases they treat their children how they were treated by their parents. An example would be such as parents that abandon or neglect their children. This make it more likely for their children to exhibit the same behavior as their parents towards their children and so on. This also is sort of how rapists are born, generally if you look at the past of a rapist you will find that many of them were molested or raped themselves as children or teens, by a family member, a friend, or even a stranger. But in many cases it is shown that they were raped by someone close to them.

In summary, children are born like white, if red is added, white becomes pink. It is not possible to be born gay, a serial killer or a rapist. Generally it is something in their environment or events that happen in their life to make them that way. There are other components that are looked at such as the mental state of the person in question. Will these arguments ever be put to rest? Probably not, even if it is scientifically proven and people like myself are proved wrong. There will always be arguing about subject such as if a person is born a certain way, it's just how society today works.