Sunday, December 5, 2010

I love Shane Daniel Miller

I love Shane Daniel Miller more than life itself. He is the cheese to my macaroni, I cannot wait to be Mrs.Cheyenne Miller, and to be able to start our lives together. He makes me happy. I love it when he sends me sweet text messages or emails, or tells me sweet things, they make me smile like a little school girl. He gives me butterflies when he talks to me, or whenever I am about to see him, he just simply makes me happy.

Currently I'm trying to figure out wedding things, whether or not it would be good to get married now in December, or in March or May, I've gotten advice from everyone, and most of what people told me was to have a savings, and to get a car, and to have things like that, it helps so there wont be so much stress on the two of us. I understand that, and yes that would be great things to have. But I don't know its something that Shane and I have to talk about and to plan out together.

I'm so excited, I will be able to see Shane in 15 days <3 I'm so excited I haven't got to see him since September and October! I really cannot wait. When I get to be in his arms and to kiss him, I will feel complete again, He'll be here December 20th through January 4th, and I tell you saying goodbye is going to be so hard, I'm most likely going to cry. I hate that he has to leave and he can't stay, its horrible to have to walk away while he gets on that bus. My heart breaks when he has to leave. I cannot wait till the day that he doesn't have to leave, that I don't have to not see him for months at a time, thats what's hard, thats what I hate. I wanna wake up next to him every single morning, I wanna fall asleep in his arms every single night. I love him so extremely much that to explain it is so hard because well i suck at explaining how I feel. All I can say that love is an amazing feeling sometimes, I mean yeah love has some really hard times, and it can really suck, but its when he kisses me goodnight or when he holds my hand, acts romantic, all the good things, that good feeling of love trumps over all the bad feelings. I will never ever tell anyone that love is easy cause its not, it takes a lot of work, it changes you. I will also never say that a long distance relationship is easy either, it sucks, its really really hard.

I am happy that Shane and I have been together for 6 months and soon to be 7 months on the 28th of December. I am excited!

Well, I think its time for me to start relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow and for work. I love ya and I will talk to you all soon!


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